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What is Mammoth Ivory?

Mammoth Tusk Ivory is an International Free Trade merchandise.

Mammoth Ivory Care.

What are the difference between Mammoth Ivory and Elephant Ivory.

Can we still find mammoth ivory?

The increasing demand of mammoth ivory has reached phenomenal proportions.

But if we consider the limited resources of procuring ivory, how long do you think that mammoth ivory can be extracted from fossils?

Scientists have estimated that there are estimated nine to ten million carcasses of Woolly Mammoths buried under the Tundra and nearly the same amount can be harvested in the upper regions of China.

In olden days, the sale of fossil ivory has become a good alternative to the banned elephant ivory. There was a vacuum after the ban on elephant ivory due to the increasing poaching of Asian and African elephants.

The demand of mammoth ivory is high in china where apart from sculpting, traditional herbal medicine practitioners grind the chips and low quality ivory for various powders and medicines.

However, there is another aspect to the harvesting of mammoth ivory. According to researchers and paleontologists, procuring the tusks, involves taking out the carcass buried since eons which has converted into a fossil. Taking out a fossil, damages the valuable scientific information.

However, traders dealing with mammoth ivory have another view as what good is this priceless material under the soil when the world can appreciate the beauty of rich, smooth and delicate crafted tusks

Where to collect mammoth ivory material?


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