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Alaska and Siberia are the two main locations for excavating the extinct woolly mammoth and tusks of ivory. Siberia, just as Alaska, carries the on going struggle that is getting deeper between the archaeologists and those excavating specifically for the exquisite natural material of mammoth ivory tusks. With mammoth now being the chosen ivory for creating some of the most beautiful ivory art throughout time, it is also one of the only legal ivory allowed because of elephants being banned, the importance of this ivory is at its height.

Even with the importance of archeology and the laws enforced to protect Alaska's only way to detail the land and human history, there are still those who do not care. Some interstate commerce traders are not stopping and illegally mining public sites for old walrus ivory and whale bone. The mammoth, walrus and whale are to serve as raw material for making ivory jewelry, scrimshaw, and carvings.





Despite what many people may think, elephant and mammoth ivory are both actually very fragile materials. Although both elephant and mammoth tusks are hard to the touch, they are also both made up of concentrated growth rings. It is when the tusks begin to grow and age, that there will be shrinkage. While at the same time, the ivory rings will then separate causing it to be slightly more fragile with the aging process. It is because of this, that the tusks of mammoth can be difficult to find as completely perfect whole tusks during initial preservation. This is one of the reasons as to why the excavation process can be slightly difficult and time consuming, so to not damage the 10,000 year old tusks of the mammoth.

If you are the proud owner of an exquisitely rare item made of mammoth ivory, you then understand why such time and care is taken during the initial excavation. There is no questionable doubt of the wealth and beauty that you have decided to invest in when you are collecting mammoth ivory.
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